Are you a senior or Medicare beneficiary? Have you been considering switching to a Medicare Advantage plan but don’t know what it is? Don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll break down exactly what a Medicare Advantage plan is and how it could benefit you.

What Is a Medicare Advantage Plan?

A Medicare Advantage plan is an alternative to traditional Original Medicare (Part A and Part B) that offers additional coverage. It covers the same services as Original Medicare, plus additional benefits like dental, vision, hearing aids, and even some prescription drugs. The plans are offered by private insurance companies that have been approved by the Centers for Medicaid & Medicaid Services (CMS). These plans usually have lower out-of-pocket costs than Original Medicare, so they can be a good option for those on a budget.

How Do I Know If I Should Get a Medicare Advantage Plan?

The first step in determining if a Medicare Advantage plan is right for you is to make sure you understand your current coverage needs and budget constraints. It’s important to consider how often you’ll be using medical services and whether or not those services are covered under your original plan. Additionally, if you’re looking for extra coverage options like dental or vision care that aren’t included under Original Medicare, then a Medicare Advantage plan might be right for you. It’s also important to look at the monthly premium cost of the plan as well as any copays or coinsurance fees associated with it. Lastly, make sure to read through all of the fine print so that there are no surprises down the line!

What Benefits Can I Expect From My Plan?

Medicare Advantage plans can provide many different types of benefits depending on which one you choose. Aside from covering most of the same services as Original Medicare (such as doctor visits and hospitalization), some plans may also offer coverage for prescription drugs and vision care services like eyeglasses or contacts lenses. Other plans may include dental coverage or hearing aid reimbursements up to certain limits each year. Finally, some plans may also offer supplemental benefits such as transportation assistance or access to fitness programs at discounted rates.

What Is Included in Medicare Advantage Plans?

Medicare Advantage Plans are structured differently from Original Medicare. Each plan includes all the benefits found in Parts A and B – including hospitalization, doctor visits, lab tests, preventive care – and often more. Depending on the plan you choose, additional benefits such as vision care, dental care, hearing exams and devices may also be covered. Some plans will even cover prescription drugs; however this will depend on the individual plan provider and your specific coverage needs.

It is important to note that while some services may be covered by Part C plans that are not included under Original Medicare (such as vision care), others might require you to pay out of pocket (e.g., coinsurance or copayments). As such, it is important to read through your plan documents thoroughly prior to enrollment in order to understand what is included and what isn’t before signing up for coverage.


Ultimately, deciding whether or not to enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan comes down to understanding your individual needs and budget constraints. We hope this article has provided some insight into what these plans are and how they can benefit seniors and other beneficiaries alike!

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