Power cable attachments should be resilient to adverse weather conditions, sturdy, and capable. They should also be simple to install and utilize Power Line Hardware. Typically, 1 kV to 42 kV power cables are supported by power cable accessories. The voltage range for the cables, however, varies by system, standard, and nation.

Power cable accessories improve product performance and network stability. Strong to medium voltage cable networks can be supported by these accessories.

  • Therefore, it is crucial to have a thorough understanding of the power cable accessories so that the user can install the proper technology. Jointing kits, termination kits, and plug-in connectors are examples of power cable accessories.
  • Heat shrink cable terminators are designed for polymeric insulated cables, paper insulated cables, and aerial bunched cables. They typically come with 1 to 3 terminators. These cables have a 66 kV to 36 kV voltage range.
  • Cold shrink cable terminators are available in ranges up to 36 kV and are appropriate for one and two core Polymeric Insulated cables. Thebest feature is that these accessories work with compression and mechanical type connectors.
  • The finest options for those looking for accessories to connect single to three core polymeric insulated cables are screened separable connectors. These connectors for medium voltage switchgear are touch-proof. Additionally, it can be applied to RMU and other machinery. These accessories are especially tough because they are made of EPDM rubber.
  • Heat shrink cable joints – Polymeric cables are intended for standard heat shrink cable joints, whether they are armored or unarmored. Heat Shrink Straight through joints, Heat Shrink Straight through transition joints, and Heat Shrink Straight through joints appropriate for PILC cable are all included in this category. Power cables typically operate in the 36 kV to 72 kV range.
  • Pre-molded cable joints- A pre-molded cable joint kit is required if people need to connect all varieties of single and three-core polymeric insulated cables. The cross-section of the cable can be up to 400 mm square. Additionally compatible with mechanical and compression type connectors are these power cable attachments. They also have an integrated stress management system.
  • Cold shrink straight joints for cables would be the ideal choice if users wanted to connect single or three core cables. These accessories allow them to connect any polymeric insulating design. Due to the silicon rubber substance, they also have excellent weathering and insulating capabilities. Additionally, these accessories work with mechanical and compression-type connectors.
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