Many people across the world have chronic conditions, limiting them from daily activities in one way or another and seeking the help of 僱傭 to get someone to take care of some of their daily needs. In one out of those over 85 years, more than half of them have long term or impaired needs that require assistance to live a normal life.  Someone to take ensure that they perform their daily routines like bathing, eating, and dressing. 

Many wish to continue staying in their own homes as long as it is possible. For those who have disabilities and are elderly, that can be made possible by outside assistance.  The following are tips in choosing a caregiver for an elderly at home.

Assess your home care needs

You have to evaluate the type of help you need in personal care, healthcare, and household care. Are you in need of home care such as medication management or physical therapy? 

Are you in need of personal care that is non-medical such as help with dressing, bathing, meal preparation and toileting? Or are you just looking for a sitter or companion? Are you in need of help with shopping, housecleaning, running errands and home maintenance? Or is it managing money and bill payment?

Develop a job contract

The job contract should be based on what is in the job description, which should include:

  • Wages – when and how it is going to be paid
  • The number of hours to be worked and the  social security number of the employee because you will be reporting the amount of paid wages to the caregiver to the revenue services
  • The job description of the caregiver
  • Behaviours that are unacceptable like abusive language, smoking, tardiness
  • Termination – the duration of notice you are to give and reasons that can result in termination without notice
  • Dated signatures of the employer and employee

Know where to find the caregiver

Get to know how to get the caregiver. You might have neighbors or friends who would be good caregivers for you. In case you are a member of a church, you can ask the minister or a pastor for prospects. 

It is okay to use family members, but you have to remember that, managing, hiring and firing a caregiver are decisions in the business world. Thus, many family members might not make good caregiver. Get a caregiver who is a professional if you have the money. You don’t have to waste time looking for a caregiver in places you will not get one that is suitable for your needs. 

Prepare for an interview

You need to have a list of questions that you are going to ask. Have a list of the applicants, referral sources, caregiver agencies, or references that you might require to call as you search. If you are not sure of the questions you should ask a private caregiver, you can go ahead and call a caregiver agency. Because you are a prospective customer, the agency should be able to help.

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