Evaluating, understanding and then managing the series of employees’ benefits can be a daunting and tiresome task, especially for an HR who needs to keep up with the recruitment process as well. That’s where the fully automated employee benefits management software comes in the frame.

What is the employee benefits management software?

At the time of recruiting a new employee, HRs often require to prepare complete documentation of the same. This documentation often includes – medical insurance, workplace policies, collecting and managing employees’ academic and personal documents, etc.

Employee benefits management software is to fasten and automate this process. Here, sometimes the employee has to involve in the record-keeping process while waving off the hassle from HRs shoulders.

At present, these software are not just limited to record-keeping but are used for keeping a hawk’s eye on the employees’ performance and overall behavior. These factors later prove beneficial at the time of increment.

To help you give a better exposure of these software, here we have listed the top 4 employee benefits management software available to use.

  • Ease – This fully automated system comes with all the static to next-gen features making an HR’s job easier and faster. From employees’ document recording to PTO management, it facilitates everything on a click.
  • GoCo – GoCo is made for those who love working differently. Initially, developed as a static HR management, later it was infused with advanced features making it a complete employee benefits management software suiting all purposes.
  • Employee Navigator – Those who are looking forward to having all features must go for the Elite version of the software. It comes with a different interface for both employees and the HR department to personalize the usage.
  • Bernie Portal – It won’t be wrong to refer this software as the perfect blend of Employee Navigator and Ease. Right from the basic to advanced features, it covers everything at the cost of $5 per employee every month.

 Additional benefits to look for –

In case you don’t desire to limit the software processing and features then make sure to check if it allows third-party integration or not.

Here is a bit detailing to the same-

  1. Bernie Portal – This software is compatible to integrate with Paycor, ADP, and Proliant to automate and synchronize payroll features.
  2. Ease – It smartly integrates with Paylocity, ADP, and Heartland at the nominal cost of $2 to $3 per employee every month.
  3. GoCo – One of the best factors of GoCo is that it can integrate with all the payroll software available. Some of the most common preferences for includes – Paychex, ADP, Gusto, and Paylocity.
  4. Employee Navigator – This software integrates with Benefitmall, ADP, Kronos, Paycor, Paylocity and much more.

Takeaway –

Employee benefits management software has become the all-be and end-all of each organization. It is one of the easiest and much-recommended way to bring proficiency in the workflow, keep a detailed record of employees’ while eradicating the need of HRs putting efforts at each step.

Witnessing some amazing results out of it, there are numerous organizations preferring employee benefits management software to pace up their workflow. But having the best results in your kitty is possible only when you go for the right software.

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