The word Masterbatch means the main blend in Turkish.It participates in the material during the melting and forming phase of a plastic substance.It is a type of paint that is in granular format.White masterbatches are made in white, ice white, milk white and other shades of white.Colorful masterbatches are yellow, green, blue, red and intermediate.

Black, white, color, additive and compound masterbatches are used to color raw materials in the plastics sector (automotive, injection, cable, pipe, fiber, yarn, film).

It has a very wide range of colors. Masterbatch is the coloring material in the granule form used to give polymere color during the shaping phase when melting thermoplastic polymer.

Masterbatch benefits include:

  • Continuity is achieved by color formulation,
  • Provides cost advantage,
  • Used in granules,
  • Saves time when manufacturing

What is painted masterbatch with?

White Goods

Refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers and buttons for these machines can be painted. Masterbatch is used for painting television bodies, remote controls and all other durable household appliances.

Electrical Materials

Masterbatch is used to paint switches, plugs, sockets, cables, PVC caps and all lighting materials.

Transport Cases

Masterbatch is used to make damanas, drawer boxes, poultry, perforated cases, wheeled cases and plastic pallet construction.

Food Packagings

Masterbatch is used in the construction of chocolate packaging, egg containers, plastic cups, plastic spoons, plastic forks, yogurt and oil containers, bottles, cans and foam containers.


Masterbatch is used in fire tip, PVC, energy, internet, communications, fiber optics and built-in telephone cables.


Headlights and stops are used masterbatch in mirror bodies, bumpers, door handles, door parts and other vehicle interior trim materials.

White Masterbatch

They are products with a high titanium ratio and high brightness and opacity.The characteristics of these products are high quality technical and physical characteristics, high heat resistance.Pe (Polyethylen) adapts to different engineering compounds such as ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene), SAN (Styrene Acrylonitrile).

Colorful Masterbatch

Uv resistance is produced according to color, light and temperature strength values, which can be added to the feature.They are polymerized(composite) compatible masterbatches to be used together. The uses of colorful masterbatches are consumption, textile, agriculture, automotive, packaging, construction, cable, artificial and toys.

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