With a global crisis still in full swing, the world is going online for their shopping and news. More people are staying at home and internet traffic is on the rise. Also, many governments are encouraging people to stay at home by stepping up initiatives to roll out faster internet to communities they already have access to and connect areas where internet is unavailable which will increase the number of people going online. 

2021 for any digital Marketing consultant is an opportunity to increase their current search traffic for existing customers while having the power of traffic stats to convince potential customers to focus more on their online activities. With more people online, e-comm businesses should attract more traffic but traditional SEO and Pay-per-click marketing campaign costs will increase. 

SEO Cost Increases

With so many people asking for guest posts, these websites are increasing their ‘admin’ fees for the time it takes them to place these posts on their websites. 

Pay-Per-Click Cost Increases

Adding to this, Pay-per-click costs are on the rise simply because the more saturated a keyword or niche becomes, the higher the click costs become. With so many businesses now going online looking for the fastest traffic source, Pay-Per-Click is the go-to internet marketing tool. This is already creating a new term ‘click-crowding’ whereby hundreds of competitors are competing for the same keywords.

Increased Digital Advertising Costs

The very same principles apply here as above. Popular websites with high traffic counts are experiencing an increase in inquiries regarding advertising space. Those that see this as a chance to increase the price of advertising space are doing so. Even on pay-per-click networks selling advertising space on websites designed to create an income from PPC is seeing an increase in advertising costs.

Opportunities for Digital Marketers

At the moment the key opportunities are price versus traffic. The increase in traffic as more people use the internet creates an opportunity to increase conversions even at a higher cost. 

Also, for any digital marketing expert local businesses are becoming a hot spot as more offline businesses look to go online and utilise the power of the internet – this creates web development opportunities such as new websites, redesigns, and switching old sites over to mobile ready platforms. 

With new webs designs and revamped websites, online marketing experts should also have the opportunity to sell PPC and SEO plans that will help their customers build their traffic base.

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