Any of the mega-caps post earnings this week, with eagle eye watchers watching the proceedings closely. Stifel Nicolaus analyst Scott Devitt identifies a set of key points to be watched at in the run up to his quarterly statement. Alphabet NASDAQ: GOOGL update in just a few moments. Start with Google becoming the largest digital advertisement site in the world. Investors in the 4Q19 quest may like to know about the effect of COVID-19 on their core sector with 59% of overall gross sales in Google Search. We foresee the deceleration of the growth of Google Search & Other revenues in 1Q relative to the growth of 16.6 percent in 4Q/19. In our 1Q advertisement estimates we represent about 500 bps of deceleration.

Finally, how is Google NASDAQ: GOOGL going to treat costs for reduced revenues? Reports of austerity steps to curb spending were generated earlier this month. Marketing and acquisition strategies are expected to be reinvigorated. The original goal was to hire 20,000 additional hires by 2020 as far as the recruiting is concerned, but current studies indicate that new workers are slowing down during the year. But Devitt ‘s thesis for alphabet remains too optimistic, amid the current macro environment and suggest that we take caution in considering the immediate term.

Predicting the current effect

We are currently predicting the biggest effect on 2Q performance Stifel revenues +1.7 per cent y / y; Street +0.5 percent, with the steady rebound starting at 2H:20, concluded the five-star analyst. We are optimistic for the longer term on Alphabet’s earnings growth direction and regard the existing balance sheet situation as solid at the end of 4Q:19, with about $115b of net cash & equivalent.

A Purchase limit on Alphabet stock with a market goal of $1,300. In short, Google NASDAQ: GOOGL has full Street support currently with 37 analysts recommending the stock as a purchase, with the addition of a lonely hold recommendation. In tandem with a $1,491 price cap, a median recommendation from Strong Buy means that it will grow to about 20 percent within the next few months.What makes the latest decline especially important is that it is driven by technical stocks. The rally was strong on 23 March, but now the technological wreck has driven down the greater economy.

But the bottom line is not inherently negative in equities. While market crashes could damage your personal bragging rights for several weeks or months with your friends and family, they have always represented a chance to buy into high quality businesses at low rates. In the rear -view mirror, Bull rally still place corrections. Before investing, you can check its balance sheet at

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